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Case studies

Case study - Manchester

£20.7 million of development finance including a multi-million equity release.

Sal Privé arranged £20.7 million of finance over a 14 month term to allow a well established developer to complete their 360+ unit residential development.

This amount also included an equity release of which allowed the developer to free up money for further acquisitions

Case study - Residential development, London

94% loan to total cost for an emerging property developer.

It’s not easy being an SME developer, our client had very limited experience and most of his money tied up in another deal, he also needed to arrange finance quickly or he would lose the deal.

Despite this Sal Privé arranged £8,406,588 (94% of total costs including acquisition) in a mixture of mezzanine and senior debt for a 16 unit scheme in London.

Case study - Student Accommodation, Gloucester

115 room student development with a first time developer.

Our client, a first time developer came to us after searching the market and being offered finance at a high cost due to having no experience.

We arranged £6.7 million of senior debt at a far better rate and with lower fees.

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